7 Steps to Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home or Business

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When you live or run a business in a hurricane-prone area, you always need to stay vigilant during storm season. Beyond ensuring you’re stocked up on all the vital supplies, you also need to be prepared for power outages. It’s an essential tool, but with so many on the market to choose from, where do you start?

The South Florida generator experts at Rack Electric put together a straightforward guide to help you find the perfect unit to meet your needs. Read on to learn more or simply give us a call!

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1. Assess Your Power Needs

Determining your power needs is the first step in finding the best generator for you. Make a list of all the essential equipment or appliances you use. From your HVAC to deep freezers, warehouse climate control, or medical equipment, you need an assessment of how much power you need to stay comfortably up and running.

2. Choose the Right Size Generator

Generators are not a one-size fits all solution. They come in different sizes and power capacities that are usually measured in kilowatts (kW). If you have limited power needs, a portable generator ranging from 3kW to 10kW is usually suitable to run essential appliances. Larger homes and businesses may require a standby generator with 10kW to 150kW or more.

3. Choose Your Fuel Type

Different generators run on different types of fuel, including gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas. Each type of fuel comes with their set of pros and cons and may come down to personal preference. 

Gasoline is readily available but has a limited shelf life and can be challenging to store safely, especially for your home. Diesel is more efficient and often the preferred choice of larger generator manufacturers. Propane and natural gas are usually a good choice for standby generators, as they burn cleaner and come with longer shelf lives. 

4. Assess Whether You Need Portable or Stationary 

If you have a small budget and few emergency power needs, a portable generator is usually ideal. They can be moved around easily and are versatile. Standby residential generators are permanently installed and connected to your home or business’ electrical system. They automatically turn on to provide a seamless backup power during outages. Whether your business is closed for the day or your family has gone to sleep, you never have to worry about the power going out. 

5. Consider The  Noise Levels

Generators can be noisy, especially portable ones. If you’re sensitive to noise or worried about a long-term power outage during a hurricane, ask the team at Rack Electric about generators with lower decibel ratings. It’s also possible to install the generator in some type of sound-dampening enclosure or with more insulation. Standby generators, especially those that are buried by professionals, are usually quieter and far more comfortable to be around for your home or business.

6. Remember the Budget Considerations

Just like any other type of equipment or system for your home or business, generators can vary widely in price. It’s essential to have an idea of your budget before you start shopping around. However, your budget needs to include more than the cost of the generator itself. You’ll also need to factor in installation, maintenance, and fuel expenses. 

Going with the cheapest option may feel easier on your budget in the short-run, but often aren’t reliable and require more expensive to fix and maintain over time. Skimping on a commercial generator can also prove disastrous and shutter your business while the power is out.

7. Ask About the Safety Features

The team at Rack Electric only works with reputable generator manufacturers and brands that we would recommend to our family and friends. Keep in mind that any generator you invest in should come with built-in safety features, including an automatic shut-off in case of low oil levels or overloading. These features are crucial to prevent damage and keep both your generator and home or business safe during extended outages.

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