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Generator Testing and Preparedness

When you live in sunny Florida, generator testing and drills keep you prepared and ready for hurricane season. More than just making sure you have enough fuel, you also need a checklist of what to do to ensure your safety. The electricians at Rack Electric are always here to make sure your generator in South … [Read More]

Safety Tips for Operating a Generator During a Hurricane

When you live in South Florida, safeguarding your home or business from a hurricane is a non-negotiable. Beyond storm windows and a robust insurance policy, you also need a back-up generator in South Florida to kick on when the power goes out. Generators can keep your lights on, preserve medications, keep your food cool, and … [Read More]

7 Steps to Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home or Business

When you live or run a business in a hurricane-prone area, you always need to stay vigilant during storm season. Beyond ensuring you’re stocked up on all the vital supplies, you also need to be prepared for power outages. It’s an essential tool, but with so many on the market to choose from, where do … [Read More]

Why You Need Generator Maintenance Before Hurricane Season

When you have a generator in South Florida, you want to ensure its in top-notch shape and in good working order before hurricane season hits. Regular check-ups and generator maintenance is key to its reliability and performance to make the most of your investment. Learn more about generator maintenance and what to do before the … [Read More]

Deal Alert: Get Discount Pricing on Premier Generac Generators

Investing in a generator in South Florida is more than keeping your lights on during a power outage; it can provide the protection you need to be safe and comfortable, especially during hurricane season. A backup generator can also keep mold and mildew from growing like wildfire throughout your home after water damage. But more … [Read More]

Are You Ready for One of the Worst Hurricane Seasons in History?

Forecasters predict an intense hurricane season over the next few months as extreme weather patterns and conditions shift over the Atlantic. The majority of the hurricane season occurs between June 1 through November, when ocean temperatures rise and stir more severe hurricanes. Meteorologists forecast nine hurricanes, four of which are expected to be significant events. … [Read More]

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