Portable VS Residential Standby Generators


Portable VS Residential Standby Generators

It’s often a difficult choice to make as a Florida resident: do you buy a portable or a residential standby generator? And while the former seems like the more cost-effective choice, it’s important that you recognize the differences. Both generator types come with their own set of advantages. However, when you assess each types’ benefits, you’ll soon recognize that the benefits of a residential standby generator outweigh that of a portable one by a wide margin. To learn more about the differences between portable and residential standby generators, continue reading below.

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Portable Vs. Residential Standby Generators

Power Output
Once you evaluate the power output difference between a portable and residential standby generator, you’ll see why the latter is much better.

When a portable generator is plugged into your home, it can provide some juice to power your property. With it, you’re only able to turn on a few lights and some appliances. It’s a decent generator type to have when you want to conveniently use the stove to cook, or to charge your laptop. But when you want to continue watching TV, or use a standard desktop computer that’s plugged into another area of your property, a portable generator might not do much good.

When you have a residential standby generator, however, you can provide power to an entire home during an outage. It’s a much more convenient generator type to have when you want to continue leisure activities or when you need to continue performing at-home work. With a residential standby generator, you won’t ever have to worry about living in the dark.

Portable generators are useful in that they can be brought anywhere. And they can easily be stored away when not in use. However, portable generators are also known to be very heavy. And due to this, owners often struggle with carrying a portable generator to their needed spot. On top of that, a little manual labor is required to start up your portable generator as well as fuel. But residential generators are stationary and are ready to power your home when it succumbs to an outage. They are designed to turn on when it senses that no power is running through your property. More so, it can even automatically turn off once power is restored.

Increased Property Value
A portable generator is something you exclusively own. So when you plan on moving into another location, you must bring your portable generator with you. And considering how heavy it is, this can be a tremendous hassle. But with a residential standby generator, that isn’t an issue whatsoever considering that it’s stationary. And while you’re not able to bring it with you, property owners are actually doing themselves a big favor when having residential standby generators installed. This is because residential standby generators boost property value tremendously. So once you’re ready to move on to your new property, you can trust that the resale value of your current home will prove to be very valuable.

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