Rack Electric Leads Power Restoration Initiative Following Hurricane Idalia

hurricane idalia in florida

In the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, the road to recovery has been challenging, with power restoration emerging as a top priority. Amidst the chaos and destruction, Rack Electric has risen to the occasion, embodying the spirit of unity and resilience.

Jesse Rack, owner of Rack Electric, eloquently captured the essence of their mission, stating, “It’s our time to step up.”

How Rack Electric Is Helping

With our expertise, resources, and determination, the Rack Electric team is playing a vital role in helping Florida’s gulf coast rebuild and recover.

  • Community Collaboration: We’re leveraging the strong relationships we’ve forged with local authorities, emergency services and other relief organizations to foster an efficient crisis response
  • Damage Assessment: We’re assessing the extent of electrical damage, creating roadmaps for restoration efforts
  • Repair & Restoration: Our skilled technicians have been repairing intricate electrical systems and expediting the restoration of power to both residences and businesses
  • Relief & Peace of Mind: We’re sending crews and trucks stocked with water and portable generators to areas in and around Fort Myers and Tallahassee

Rack Has Your Back

It’s Code Red over here at Rack Electric right now, but we have on-call, emergency service technicians standing by to help restore your power and we’ll get to you as soon as we can!

(561) 666-8960

Learn more about our Hurricane Idalia relief efforts on WPTV 5!