Why You Need EV Chargers for Your Workplace


Are you looking for a way to uniquely position your business while offering employees more of what they want from a company that prioritizes sustainability? EV charges for your workplace could be the answer.

We’ve put together a list of why you need EV chargers for your workplace and how they can be a game-changer for everything from talent acquisition to retention!

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1) Attract Top Talent

Corporate sustainability and perks are more than an innovative approach to running a business; they’ve become a mainstream option to attract the top talent in your industry. Even if your talent pool doesn’t drive up to work on the first day with an electric car, you’ve established you’re committed to more innovative perks than free coffee and flex time. You’re showing the talent pool that you’re an innovative company with a commitment to sustainability.

2) Make Work More Convenient

Finding an EV charger on the go isn’t always convenient, especially if your employees don’t have access to one at their home or apartment complex. Offering EV chargers makes it easy for your team to charge up while on the clock. According to Kelly Blue Book, electric cars also require less maintenance than those with internal combustion engines. When you give your employees an incentive to drive an electric car to work, they need less time off or long lunches to deal with their car maintenance.

3) Offer Employee Cost Savings

Depending on how far your employees commute, they could easily spend a few hundred dollars a month on gas. Offering a free EV charging station is like getting a raise, where employees suddenly have more disposable income than struggling to find a charger or heading to the pump.

4) Develop a Culture of Sustainability

Employees who care about sustainable business practices are more likely to work with and stay at a company that shares the same values. You’re also signaling your commitment to sustainability in your community. If you work with clients on-site, they will also see your company’s charging station as an innovative approach to how you run your operations. They may even be more likely to choose your business than a competitor’s.

5) Establish Your Role as a Leader

Installing an EV charger at work directly reduces your carbon footprint and can help position you as an environmental leader in your community. However, it’s important to stay on top of state regulations, goals, and incentives. Contact the team at Rack Electric to discuss a corporate EV charger and what to know about your community’s sustainability programs and possible incentives, rebates, or tax credits.

6) Stand Out from Your Competition

Depending on your industry, it can be challenging to stand out from your competitors in terms of service and pricing. However, an EV charging station is noteworthy and creates a buzz in your community. If your clients have electric cars, they’re also more likely to choose a business where they can charge up and also aligns with their own values for sustainability.

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