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What to Do if Your Small Business Loses Power

What to do if your small business losers power

Power outages can happen to anyone, especially a small business. When an outage occurs at home, you can rest easy knowing that power could potentially return to your home soon. At a small business, however, it could be a minor or major setback depending on how bad the outage is. When a power outage occurs […]

Gift of Life Keeps the Future Bright

Rack Electric Believes We All Have the Power to Save Someone’s Life Rack Electric is a proud supporter of the Gift of Life Marrow Registry, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. The charity recently held its Steps For Life 5K Run & Walk — South Florida fundraising event at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). The grateful and […]

Get A Home Generator, Get Prepared

This is the perfect time to get ready for the upcoming hurricane season by investing in a home generator. More than any other state, the residents of Florida know the effects of a hurricane or tropical storm making landfall. Even a near miss can result in damage to property from debris carried by strong gusts […]

Don’t Get Caught In The Dark

Are You Ready For The Next Hurricane Season? When it comes to being ready, starting sooner than later is always better. This is particularly true when it comes to being ready to face hurricane season. Each hurricane season sparks a flurry of questions. How many storms will there be this year? How strong will they […]