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The Stages of a Hurricane

The Stages of a Hurricane

It’s hard to believe that anything could be wrong with South Florida. It’s one of the best regions any resident or tourist could reside in. From the near-endless miles of beaches to sunny weather, what could possibly be wrong with this part of the Sunshine State? Well, if you’ve lived here long enough, you know […]

Signs That Your Generator Needs a Repair

Signs That Your Generator Needs a Repair. Clip art of wrench and screwdriver

Standby generators are one of the greatest commodities that any property or business owner could own. In the event of a blackout, they always help to provide you power so that you’re not living in total darkness. However, generators are very intricate pieces of machinery full of electrical components and moving parts. And because of […]

Why You Need a Residential Standby Generator

Why You Need a Residential Standby Generator. Light bulb being lit

Power is one of those few things that we take for granted every day. We use it to turn on the lights, to power our stoves for cooking, to allow us to browse through the internet, and much more. And only when it’s gone, even for a few brief minutes, do we begin to appreciate […]

Are You Ready? 2020 Hurricane Season Preparedness

Are You Ready? Hurricane Preparedness 2020

Are you ready for the 2020 hurricane season? Starting June 1st all the way through November 30th, hurricane preparedness should be kept at the forefront of your mind. Especially since we’re already getting early warning signs of powerful storms. With the first tropical storm already potentially on the horizon, Arthur could already be making its […]

What to Do if Your Small Business Loses Power

What to do if your small business losers power

Power outages can happen to anyone, especially a small business. When an outage occurs at home, you can rest easy knowing that power could potentially return to your home soon. At a small business, however, it could be a minor or major setback depending on how bad the outage is. When a power outage occurs […]

Get A Home Generator, Get Prepared

This is the perfect time to get ready for the upcoming hurricane season by investing in a home generator. More than any other state, the residents of Florida know the effects of a hurricane or tropical storm making landfall. Even a near miss can result in damage to property from debris carried by strong gusts […]

Don’t Get Caught In The Dark

Are You Ready For The Next Hurricane Season? When it comes to being ready, starting sooner than later is always better. This is particularly true when it comes to being ready to face hurricane season. Each hurricane season sparks a flurry of questions. How many storms will there be this year? How strong will they […]

What To Do Before, During, And After A Hurricane

Rack Electric — Palm Tree — Hurricane Season

As South Floridians, we’re continuously under threat of hurricanes year after year. Each June we attentively watch the weather channel, awaiting news of a potential new storm heading our way. Many storms come and go between June 1st and November 30th, however, only a select handful will turn into these powerful and destructive weather systems. […]

What To Do If Your House Loses Power

Rack Electric — Lightning — Hurricane Season

Living in South Florida has made us very aware of the heavy storms that come and go with each passing day. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of Hurricane Season or deep in Winter, we’re bound to be hit by torrential downpours and the crack of thunder every five minutes. We tend to plan […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Rack Electric — Hurricane Season — Storm Surge

Hurricane season may still be five months away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to get a generator installation started. Hurricane season in South Florida is an incredibly hectic time as storm after storm wreaks havoc. People typically wait till the last minute to plan and prep for the storm since they feel as […]