General Tank Services — Liquid Propane And Natural Gas 

The team of Rack Energy is composed of industry experts who are deeply passionate about their work and are dedicated to providing Floridians with the energy they need when the lights go out. Because Florida is highly vulnerable to powerful storms during the hurricane season, power outages are more than likely to occur. And during times when a power outage takes place, if you’re not prepared, you’ll be living in complete darkness as you try to carry out your daily routines.

By hiring us, we can give you one of our quality standby generators to ensure that your property is lit when darkness occurs. Plus, we can also provide you with our underground propane tank installation services to ensure that your new generator will be able to run whenever an outage occurs. Or if you prefer that we connect a natural gas source to your generator, we can also do that for you.

Our Rack Energy employees are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. But besides that, our staff of industry experts are also well-versed about the rules and regulations needed for underground tank installation. You can best believe that with their professional assistance, the above or underground tank installation or natural gas connection procedure will go smoothly and with no issues at all.

Above Ground Liquid Propane Tank – For a 120 gallon liquid propane tank, the required space needed is 31 inches round and 4.5 feet tall, which will be placed on a paver stone. 

Financing — Synchrony & Ygrene

At Rack Energy, we understand just how important your property is. This is why we offer financing through two companies when you need buying power.

One of two companies we offer financing through is Synchrony Financial. This company offers competitive interest rates and it is easy to apply online. Regardless if you’re looking to install an underground propane tank or need a connection to a natural gas source, financing through Synchrony Financial can help make it happen.

The other company we offer financing through is Ygrene as they help make home improvement easy and affordable. They’ll offer financing with no money down, no minimum FICO required, and no payments for up to 12 months. Through Ygrene, homeowners can get prequalified in minutes. No matter the project for your home — even if you need an underground tank or a natural gas connection — Ygrene can help finance it completely.

If you need help financing for either or, contact Rack Energy today!

Tank Installation – Underground Fuel Tank Installation

There are many laws surrounding underground propane tank installation in Florida, all of which are very complicated to comprehend for one that’s not versed in legal terminology. And it’s complicated so much so that there would be too much material to mention on this page. However, we can tell you this:

There are generally two sizes that most Florida residents go for in terms of underground fuel tanks. They include 500 gallon and 1000 gallon tanks.

Liquid Propane Tank Installation

Our staff members are aware of the laws that surround underground fuel tank installation.

When we get to work to provide you with an underground liquid propane tank, we understand the legal hole-size requirement for each tank. For a 250 gallon liquid propane tank, a ditch that’s 4 feet deep, 4 feet wide, and 6 feet long must be formed. For a 500 gallon liquid propane tank, a ditch that’s 4 feet deep, 4 feet wide, and 10 feet long must be formed. If you happen to be the owner of a larger property (typically a commercial property) you’ll likely go with the 1000 gallon tank, to which you will need space that’s adequate enough to dig a hole that’s 5 feet deep, 6 feet wide, and 18 feet long.

Regardless of the size, you can trust that the employees of Rack Energy will get the job done. After they visit your property to assess where the tank will be installed, they’ll get to work as soon as possible providing construction to bury your new tank. After their services are applied, there won’t even be a trace of the construction our team has performed in order to install your underground liquid propane tank.

Natural Gas Connections

If you much prefer for your standby generator to rely on the use of natural gas instead of liquid propane, that’s no issue for us. Rack Energy will gladly provide their services for the connection of a natural gas line for existing gas sources. If your intentions are to save money on fuel needed for your standby generator, a natural gas connection is probably your best option.

If you’re not entirely sure what the other benefits are to having a natural gas source as opposed to a liquid propane tank, feel free to ask us. Moreover, if you’re not entirely sure if a natural gas source is available for you, our team may be able to indicate this for you.

Important Note:

Before you decide to have a standby generator installed on your property, you should always make sure that you have more than enough space on your property’s grounds for an underground tank. If you’re not completely sure if the space on your property is substantial, feel free to get into contact with us for our professional opinion. Our Rack Energy team will be able to indicate if you have the proper space for an above ground tank or a underground liquid propane installation in Florida.

While these are the size guidelines required for the proper burial of your underground fuel tanks, the laws surrounding such tanks are multi-faceted. If you’re curious to learn more about Florida laws and rules concerning underground fuel tank installation for both liquid propane and natural gas, you may click HERE.

Tank Maintenance

Like any other property improvement, maintenance for your new underground tank will be needed from time to time. But if you’ve never dealt with the needed maintenance required for an underground fuel tank, there’s no reason to fret. We here at Rack Energy assist all of our patrons with maintenance. In fact, we make maintenance for our underground tanks much easier to perform in contrast to other methods.

General Maintenance For Tanks

From time to time, maintenance for underground tanks will be required. Most commonly, refueling is often the most needed procedure required for underground fuel tanks. And while we offer refueling, we can also assist with other maintenance procedures as well.

While outages don’t appear all too often, at a certain point your underground fuel tank will be close to being empty. And whenever that happens, the team of Rack Energy will gladly come by and refuel it for you.

Thanks to our team’s expertise, they’ll be able to reach your underground tank with the advanced tools that we as a company provide to them. And once reached, they’ll be able to refill it with the required amount of fuel.

Tank Monitoring

You may be asking yourself, “how would I even know that my tank is close to being empty?” Well, if you’re perplexed, you’ll be more than happy to know that Rack Energy has the solution: our Tank Monitoring System

When you subscribe to our tank monitoring system, you’ll be able to:

  • Avoid run-outs, save energy, and save money
  • Get alerts when your tank is low
  • Monitor your tank when away

With either your iPhone or android device you’ll be able to see your tank level anytime!

Learn More About Our Tank Utility App Here

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