Boca Raton Underground Propane Tank Installation

Getting a standby generator for your home can provide you with many benefits. In the event that your home’s power is out, your standby generator will simply turn on and provide you with the energy you need during times of darkness. However, in order to power that new generator of yours, it will need to be fueled properly and accordingly. And when you need to fuel it accordingly, don’t hesitate at all in contacting Rack Electric about their underground propane tank installation in Boca Raton. To learn more about what our services can do for you as well as what’s generally required for underground propane tank installation in Boca Raton, continue reading below.

Rack Electric’s Boca Raton Underground Tank Installation Services

We here at Rack Electric are deeply passionate about providing Floridians with the power they need when the lights go out. Because Florida is highly susceptible to powerful storms, especially during hurricane season, power outages are sure to occur. And in the event of a power outage, if you’re not properly prepared, you can live in total darkness as you struggle to carry out your typical daily routines. But when you hire us, we can give you one of our high-quality generators to ensure that your property is lit when darkness occurs. More so, we can also provide you with our Boca Raton underground propane tank installation services to guarantee that your generator is able to run whenever an outage takes place.

We here at Rack Electric house some of the most experienced industry experts in all of South Florida. And they’re not only experienced but also well versed and deeply knowledgeable about the rules and regulations required for underground tank installation. You can trust that with their expert help, the underground tank installation process will go smoothly and with no errors whatsoever.

Underground Propane Tank Benefits

Many homeowners consider appearance when deciding between above-ground and underground propane tanks. An above-ground tank takes up space and can be an eyesore, while underground tanks save space and don’t affect the look of your landscaping.

Most property owners make the decision of whether to choose above-ground or underground installation based on their finances and available space. Those with a larger property may have no problem finding an unobtrusive spot for an above-ground propane tank, but many residential property owners have less space to work with and prefer to have their propane tank out of sight. The important thing is that your propane tank will be there to act as a fuel source for your standby generator when you need it.

Rack Electric is pleased to provide underground propane tank installation services in the Palm Beach County area of South Florida. Here’s how our fast and efficient installation process works:

Underground Tank Installation Process

Excavation is the first stage in establishing an underground propane tank. Your propane gas provider will plan out a location in your backyard where the propane storage tank will be located and will not affect other utilities in your house. The underground propane storage tank must be positioned at least 10 feet from your residence (and any outside appliances) and 10 feet from the property’s edge.

When installing your tank, we follow all safety rules and regulations to guarantee it is not compromised and is not in danger of leaking. This includes the following:

  • Making certain that the foundation is solid and leveled.
  • Properly fastening the container to avoid movement or "tank floating"
  • The hole is filled up with soil that is devoid of pebbles and other abrasives
  • 1 inch or more of soil has been placed around the container

After the tank has been fitted and connected, a dome will be installed to cover the valve and connections that protrude from the ground.

At Rack Electric, our underground propane tank installation services are fast, efficient, and leave you ready for the next hurricane or power outage! Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach are just a few cities Rack Electric serves in our large South Florida service region.

Rules & Regulations Surrounding Underground Tank Installation in Boca Raton

The laws that surround underground propane tank installation in Boca Raton are so multi-faceted that there would simply be too much to state on this page. However, we can provide you with the simple guidelines that coincide with the size of your tank for underground installation.

There are generally two sizes that most Florida residents go for in terms of underground propane tanks. They include 120 gallon and 250 gallon tanks.

If you intend on having a 120 gallon tank installed on your property, the requirements that need to be fulfilled include having a hole that needs to be dug 30 inches deep, 30 inches wide, and 6 feet long. If you have a larger property (typically a commercial property) you may instead want a 250 gallon tank, to which you will need space that’s adequate enough to dig a hole that’s 4 feet deep, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long.

Before you even decide to have a standby generator installed, you should look around your grounds to see where it can possibly be installed. More so, you should also check to see if you have enough substantial space for an underground propane tank. If you have any issues finding such areas or you’re unsure if the space you’ve found is adequate enough, don’t hesitate at all in contacting Rack Electric for their professional opinion. Our team will be able to tell you if you have the right space for underground propane tank installation in Boca Raton.

These are the guidelines required for the proper burial of your underground propane tanks. If you’re curious to learn more about Florida laws and rules concerning underground propane tank installation, you may click HERE.

Boca Raton Under Paver Propane Tank Installation

As you assess your grounds to search for an optimal location to have your underground propane tank installed, assess areas where there are also pavers. While it doesn’t seem possible, you’ll be surprised to find that many businesses are versatile when it comes to tank installation, especially Rack Electric where we can provide you with the best under paver propane tank installation in Boca Raton.

We understand just how much your property means to you and how you care deeply for its appeal. For this reason, our Boca Raton under paver propane tank installation services will ensure that minimal changes are made when we bury your propane tank underneath. Once pavers are removed and the tank is installed, remodeling the pavers back into place will be of no issue. In fact, it will seem as if no changes were made whatsoever once we’re finished.

Why Choose Rack Electric For Their Boca Raton Underground Tank Installation

We here at Rack Electric recognize just how common it is for Florida properties to lose power in the event of a storm. With hurricane season being a common issue, we find that generators are an absolute must for many property owners. But no property owner should ever just hire any service provider. You should always ensure that you hire a business that’s well-experienced, equipped, and deeply knowledgeable about rules and regulations regarding both generators and underground tank installation. And this is where Rack Electric comes into play.

There’s no reason for you to live in the dark when you can have power supplied to you at your leisure. So when you call us for our generators don’t hesitate at all to ask us about our Boca Raton underground propane tank installation services. We are quick and efficient when it comes to installing underground tanks. So you can best believe that when we’re finished, your new generator will be ready to perform in the darkest of times while it’s powered by your underground tank.

Hire Rack Electric Today For Their Boca Raton Underground Propane Tank Installation

When you’re ready to get your new generator along with your new underground tank, feel free to call Rack Electric. We’ve provided our quality services to numerous patrons in the South Florida region, and we’ll be more than happy to provide them to you, too. We feel more than confident that when you choose us, you’ll benefit from our work tremendously as you’re added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at our Boca Raton headquarters (561-391-3550) or our Naples office (239-300-3157). Or you can visit our contact page.