For the last twenty (20) years, Rack Electric has proudly provided the residents of Deerfield Beach with a wide range of expert electrical services thanks to its team of dedicated electricians. Our team of state-certified, licensed electricians have been expertly trained and are fully equipped to handle electrical contracting jobs of any size. Rack Electric’s electricians are capable of handling both residential and commercial electrical jobs in Deerfield Beach.

Rack Electric has built a solid reputation through our unerring dedication to providing world-class electrical contracting services and electricians for each and every customer. From the moment you call to the second our electricians leave your Deerfield Beach home or office, you can rest assured knowing that Rack Electric has taken care of every detail.

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Lighting Fixture Installation

If you’re setting up your new Deerfield Beach home for the first time, going through the redesign process, or just bought a new lighting fixture, chances are you’ll need an electrician to set it up. No need to worry, as Rack Electric is here for you. After setting up an appointment, we’ll dispatch a team of state-certified, licensed electricians to your Deerfield Beach location and immediately get to work. We understand how important it is for you to be able to get back to work in an office or enjoy your home, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure the best possible job in the least amount of time. Our electricians will make sure you’re happy with their work before they leave, as we don’t want to leave you with a half-completed job. You can count on Rack Electric’s expert electricians to get the job done right.

Wiring Installation and Maintenance

While many of us might think we know what we’re doing when we begin to mess with the wiring, chances are it’s best to leave it to an experienced team of electricians to get the job done. If you need a home entertainment system set up or even a wire ran through the walls and into another room, Rack Electric can handle it. Aside from proper installation, wiring also tends to grow old and breakdown over time, which can lead to your devices suddenly ceasing to work, or potentially dangerous situations. Our team can replace old and withered wiring with a brand new wiring system, ensured to keep everything running the way it should. Our Deerfield Beach electricians can schedule out meetings to visit your location every so often to make sure that your wires are all connected properly and not falling into disarray. If you need an electrician to replace and maintain your wiring, then you need Rack Electric.

Electrical Panel Replacement and Upgrades

One of the most overlooked and underappreciated pieces of equipment in your home is more than likely the electrical panel. It’s the brain of your house, ensuring that every room and the electrical socket is receiving a steady stream of electricity. As your electrical panel grows older and you continue to increase your electrical usage, you grow closer to the electrical panel becoming incapable of powering everything or may even pose a potential hazard. Thankfully, Rack Electric is able to upgrade your electrical panel. We’ll both bring it up to code and ensure that it can handle your daily electrical usage, as to avoid any dangerous situations. Call Rack Electric today at 1-561-391-3550 to schedule your Deerfield Beach home or a business electric repair or installation for a better and more efficient system.

Providing Professional Turnkey Services throughout Deerfield Beach

  • Complete turnkey systems utilizing load management
  • Maximize specific power needs
  • Help you obtain affordable financing
  • Ability to automatically turn on moment power outage is sensed
  • Eliminate the hassle of old portable generator
  • Utilize the exterior of your home, reducing risk of carbon monoxide
  • LP Gas & NG Services – provide the tank, lines, regulators, gas check and permitting for you installation
  • Peace of Mind at your home or business

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