A home’s electrical system is what keeps the entire house alive day and night. As important as the electrical system is, wiring tends to get old and fall apart after a period of time. This causes certain appliances throughout the home to start performing sporadically or even to shut off. Homeowners may choose to repair it themselves, but it’s better to leave it to the professionals at Rack Electric. We’ve provided electrical contracting and generator installation services for South Florida the past two-plus decades.

Rack Electric’s team of state-certified, licensed electricians have the experience necessary to provide the highest-quality electrician and generator services. We’re able to install new electrical systems, repair any current wiring issues, and maintain any pre-existing electrical systems including residential standby generators. We also specialize in installing and maintaining the most efficient and reliable generators for homes across South Florida. Rack Electric makes sure that everything is running efficiently so you never have to worry about something working incorrectly.

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Residential Electrical Contractor Services

Rack Electric provided electrical contracting services to the South Florida region for over twenty (20) years. Our team is staffed by state-certified, licensed electricians who proudly tackle any electrical project that we undertake. Rack Electric’s mission is to render affordable and powerful electrical contracting and generator installation services to homes throughout South Florida. We’ve experienced over twenty-four (24) hurricane seasons, making us experts at better equipping homes for the next hurricane season. Whether replacing a faulty electrical panel, installing a residential standby generator for your home, or a charging station for the newest electric vehicle in your company’s fleet, we’re ready to get South Florida running as smoothly and energy-efficiently as possible.

Residential Standby Generator Installation & Maintenance

Due to its location along the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico, South Florida is constantly hit with wave after wave of tropical storms and hurricanes. These massive storms can knock a home’s electrical system out, causing the house to completely lose power. A portable generator can only run for around eight (8) hours before needing to be refueled. As South Floridians know all too well, fuel is hard to find before and after a hurricane hits. Additionally, portable generators can only run up to two (2) or three (3) appliances at a time, never mind an air conditioner, so which appliance do you choose? A high-quality residential standby generator from Rack Electric is the perfect backup system for when the utility power does down. One of Rack Electric’s selection of residential standby generators is able to constantly power your entire house for extended periods of time. Rack Electric is able to quickly and professionally install and maintain a residential backup generator so your house is prepared for hurricane seasons for years to come.

South Florida’s Go-To For Residential Standby Generator Installation, Service, and Maintenance

Every single part of South Florida – from Boca Raton to Tampa – is always vulnerable to a stream of tropical storms and hurricane attacks. Such huge and powerful storms can knock out a portable generator’s system, which will cause your property to lose power completely and leave you in the dark. Portable generators can only run for roughly eight hours a day before they’ll need to be refueled. And during a severe storm, you’ll find yourself, more often than not, trying to find fuel for a generator that provides lackluster results. Moreover, portable generators can only run two or three appliances at a single time. So stop wasting your time with your portable generator, and get a residential standby one for your home today!

Rack Electric‘s team has been providing their service to the South Florida region and to all citizens for over 20 years. Our professional staff is made up of the most experienced electricians who proudly serve every single client by tackling projects that we undertake. Our goal is to provide all those who need generator installation services with affordable and powerful residential standby generators. – generators that will power your property in the darkest of time.

Rack Electric has experienced over 24 hurricanes, so believe us when we say that we a thing or two about being prepped and equipped before the next big storm hits. For any standby generator installation needed for a South Florida resident, you can trust that we’ll get your home running as efficiently as possible. Standby generators are a perfect safety measure for the power at your home cuts out. A residential standby generator is able to constantly power the entire house for extended periods of time and the team at Rack Electric is able to quickly and efficiently install one, ensuring that your Palm Beach property is prepared for hurricane season and beyond.

Why Install Our Standby Generators?


Compared to portable generators, residential standby generators are way more reliable. Besides requiring an annual maintenance checkup, you can rely on your standby generator to be ready for when a blackout occurs.

Portable generators require that you fill them with gasoline in order for them to operate. And because of this, you’ll need to keep gasoline on standby. But when you have the containers sitting stagnantly for too long, you run the risk of having your gas go bad.

With standby generators, you don’t need gas. And so, you can be at ease as your house will be powered by a reliable source.

Longer Lasting Effects

Standby generators can provide multiple hours-worth of power to your property. This provides reassurance that at most times, you’ll be powered even in the most unsuspecting of blackouts. Other types of generators, especially portable ones, can only last for a few hours. Even the most powerful of portable generators can only run for much less than half the time a residential one can supply.

Less Effort

Residential standby generators are by far much more convenient than portable generators. Portable generators require you to carry them around and connecting them properly so that you can receive power when a blackout occurs. With a residential standby generator, however, you don’t really need to do anything. Your standby generator is controlled by an automatic switch that turns it on as soon as a power outage occurs. You most likely won’t even notice the power go out as the standby generator turns on.


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