Due to their popularity over the years, electric vehicles are commonly seen on the road today. Thanks to this, more EV charger stations have been installed, providing more convenience for EV owners to charge their vehicles. And while most EVs are already constructed to charge with a standard electrical outlet, it can still take quite a bit of time before they’re fully recharged. At Rack Electric, we’ve installed numerous electric vehicle charging systems in West Palm Beach, granting clients the opportunity of reducing the charging process by more than half the time. Our company is certified to equip your West Palm Beach property with this system so that you conveniently drive your EV on the road immediately. When you decide to hire us for your new EV charger station in West Palm Beach, we feel more than confident that you will benefit tremendously from the results of our service.

Ever since they were first introduced, EVs have shown that they’re a better alternative in transportation due to rising gas prices. While electric charging is known for being less expensive, it’s still not as convenient for EV owners as it is for gas-fueled vehicles. West Palm Beach EV charger stations have helped to establish a more electric vehicle-friendly environment. Even though you can charge your EV through any of these charging stations, you shouldn’t have to waste your own time driving to them. With our 240-volt EV charger station in West Palm Beach that’s created for charging electric vehicles quickly and efficiently, you can minimize downtime and allow electric vehicle owners to stay mobile while going green.

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Mobile Connectors and Adapters

Thanks to a vast array of various equipment, EV owners can keep their vehicles charged as they drive on the road. And with a 20-foot extension cord, you can charge your vehicle just about anywhere you go that has a West Palm Beach EV charger station. When you have an adapter, your EV can charge just about anywhere at any time. A NEMA 5-15 adapter will help you to utilize the typical 110-volt outlet to be used while the NEMA 14-50 assists in hooking vehicles up to bigger outlets. In many cases, EVs will charge about 29 miles of range per hour, but you can easily increase the speed with wall connectors. Wall connectors can offer about 52 miles of range per hour of charging.


Residential Charging

A West Palm Beach residential EV charging station will provide you with the advantage of benefitting from the most convenient and cost-effective method of EV charging. While most homes aren’t created with a charger station installed, Rack Electric can provide you with our EV charger installation services in West Palm Beach. With your new at-home EV charger station, you can carry out your daily errands or other activities as it will only take about 4 hours to charge the battery of an EV with a 240-volt outlet. With this, you won’t need to continue wasting your time driving around just to charge your car. Best of all, it can be conveniently installed in your garage or carport at a price that will cost less than using a public charging station. Charging stations use less power than an air conditioning unit and aren’t needed as often.


Commercial Charging

When you have a West Palm Beach EV charger installed, commercial property owners can make a really good investment. This is because our West Palm Beach EV charger installation service can significantly increase your property’s value. Due to the popularity of the eco-friendly building industry, countless building owners are convinced to utilize energy-saving options. When you have your commercial property accessorized with one of our West Palm Beach EV charger stations, you gain the ability to have more range and flexibility that cut costs on constant refueling.

No matter if your West Palm Beach home or business needs an EV charger installation in, Rack Electric has the best tools and experience to install an EV charging station. Call 561-391-3550 now for a free quote.

Benefits of Having an EV Charger in West Palm Beach

Electric vehicles have proven just how eco-friendly they are compared to gas-powered vehicles over the years. Having a West Palm Beach EV charger station helps to allow owners to travel for distances as they normally would be able to with a regular fuel-powered vehicle. The best thing about them is that you can still save money with them.

One con often associated with EVs, however, is that very few of them exist for public use. If you happen to be inconvenienced because there isn’t one close by enough, you’ll be interested to know that there’s an easy solution to charging them. That solution involves Rack Electric’s electronic vehicle charger installation in West Palm Beach – a service that will grant you quite a few benefits.


A West Palm Beach EV charger provides many benefits. The most prominent one, however, is that it offers the ultimate convenience for EV owners. Even when you already have a public EV charger station nearby, you’ll still probably need to travel quite a distance in order to charge your vehicle. As a result, driving a lot can impose on your errands or other activities. But by having your very own EV charger installed in West Palm Beach, you’ll be able to save yourself time as you plug your EV on your own property.


If your EV came with a plug, then you can just plug it into an outlet and charge. Just know, however, that while this is convenient, the plug type that usually comes with most EVs (level 1 plugs) can drain a good amount of your home’s electricity. This is because these plugs charge EVs very slowly, which results in you having to likely pay more for electricity as your EV will demand it in order to function properly.

Rack Electric’s West Palm Beach EV charger installation services will assist you by allowing you to never fret about this issue anymore. Our West Palm Beach charger stations are constructed to quickly recharge your vehicles so that not only can you drive again soon, but that high-cost electricity is also no longer an issue.

Speedier Recharge

Relying on the standard plug that comes with your EV will charge your vehicle very slowly. Because of this, it can be a huge inconvenience for you when you need to be somewhere immediately. When you have a West Palm Beach EV charger station, you can reduce charging in roughly half the time it would take with a standard plug.

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For many years Rack Electric has provided its quality EV charging station installation service to many who were burdened with not having one conveniently nearby. With our West Palm Beach EV charging station installation service, we can guarantee you the best results. In fact, we’re more than confident that when you hire us, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers as you enjoy your EV to its fullest potential thanks to our professional handiwork. For any inquiries, you may visit our contact page.

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