Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Prepare For Hurricane Season


Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season may still be five months away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to get a generator installation started. Hurricane season in South Florida is an incredibly hectic time as storm after storm wreaks havoc. People typically wait till the last minute to plan and prep for the storm since they feel as though they have all the time in the world. Turns out, so did every single other person that lives in South Florida. By the time you go to your local store to buy food and water, it’s all gone or the stores have started gouging prices. Avoid the chaos of last-minute prepping by starting now. Whether it be ordering a generator installation in Boca Raton or picking up wood sheets from the hardware store in Hialeah, the best time to start is right now.

  • Less Stress
  • More Supplies Available
  • Simplifies Last Minute Preparations
  • Comfortable Living During and After The Storm
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Less Stress

Planning ahead of time for hurricanes is great as it’s far less stressful than waiting till the last minute like you normally would. Stores are normally stocked, gas prices are normal, and there’s certainly no mayhem of people trying to grab what they can. There’s no impending doom of a storm overhead, so getting everything you need is a breeze. Electrician companies like Rack Electric are able to help you with a generator installation to keep your house running throughout the storm. Homeowners are able to rest easy knowing they don’t have to run around hours before a massive storm makes landfall as everyone else will.

More Supplies Available

When preparing for a massive hurricane, one of the most important things to take care of is gathering supplies. You never know if you’re going to lose power and for how long, so bottled water and nonperishable foods are vital to making it through the hurricane. When hurricanes are close to landfall, people run out to the stores and buy everything in sight. Stores run through their entire stock, and whatever products they do have left in stock they charge at an exorbitant price. Avoid not having supplies ready for you and your loved ones by purchasing in bulk long before Hurricane Season even rolls around. That way, you can spend less time waiting in line and more time making last-minute preparations for your house.

Simplifies Last Minute Preparations

By being ahead of schedule, your last minute preparations become very easy. Closing up the shutters, making sure your Rack Electric installed generator is ready to go, and any other final steps can be taken at a semi-leisurely pace. There’s no worry of having to run over to the supermarket to grab food or waiting in line to fill your car’s tank up in case you have to leave. Instead, simply wrap up any loose ends and head inside with your loved ones.

Comfortable Living During and After The Storm

Hurricanes can be devastating, and even sometimes fatal storms. Their winds are strong enough to blow cars over and destroy trees. Many power lines will be toppled during a hurricane, causing most neighborhoods to lose power. People can be out of power anywhere from a day to sometimes weeks. During this period, no appliances work and it becomes extremely uncomfortable due to the air conditioner no longer running. However, since you planned ahead and got a standby generator installed by Rack Electric a few months ago in advance of Hurricane Season, your house is still running as if nothing ever happened. Most standby generators turn on as soon as the main home generator turns off and provide around 3,000 hours of power to your home. As soon as power is restored to your main generator, the backup generator turns off seamlessly.

Preparing for hurricanes well ahead in advance of Hurricane Season is vital to keeping you and your family safe during even the toughest of storms. If you’re ready to get ahead of your Hurricane Season planning this year, then contact Rack Electric. We’ll help you prepare by expertly installing a standby generator that can and will keep your house going all season long.

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