Why Standby Generators Are Better Than Portable Generators


Why Standby Generators Are Better Than Portable Generators

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As a homeowner, you pride yourself on having the best of the best installed. Whether its television and home entertainment system set up or even a smart refrigerator, you’ve managed to maximize you and your family’s comfort levels. You even have a little robot that cleans the floors for you! Yes, there’s nothing better than having a fully equipped home.

The question stands, though: if you’re willing to take your home into the future, why would you still use a portable generator? While they’re good for barbeques and bounce houses, you shouldn’t be using a portable generator as your emergency backup generator. Instead, you should gift your home with a brand new standby generator installation in South Florida, so you can enjoy the benefits below.

Benefits Of Standby Generators Over Portable Generators

  • Reliability
  • Longer Lasting Effects
  • Less Effort
  • Zero Storage Issues
  • Far More Utility

Read on to learn more about these amazing benefits, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the South Florida generator experts at Rack Electric if you have any questions, or are ready to get your new standby generator installed!

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1) Reliability

Emergency standby generators are far and way the more reliable option between the two. Asides from a yearly maintenance checkup, you can count on your standby generator to be ready to go in the event of a blackout. Portable generators typically require gasoline to power them, meaning you have to keep gasoline reserves at the ready and stored. However, gasoline tends to go bad while sitting stagnant for too long. It can also be affected by humidity, heat, and other factors. There would be nothing worse than during a hurricane when you go to start up your backup portable generator and it doesn’t start despite having fuel in it. Avoid this completely with a reliable standby generator

2) Longer Lasting Effects

Portable generators fall well short of hours they can provide you power. Most generators were designed to provide you with 200 to 400 hours, while portable generators last upwards of 3,000-5,000 hours. During a quick power outage, you might find a portable generator to be a quick fix, however, when a hurricane strikes and knocks the power out for days or weeks, you’ll probably run out of power quickly. If your generator doesn’t die out completely, you’ll most likely run out of gasoline. With proper maintenance, a standby generator will last you a lifetime.

3) Less Effort

Backup generators trump portable generators when it comes to less effort. With a portable generator, you’ll have to lug it out and connect it up properly. You’ll most likely have to do this in the pouring rain, too. With a standby generator, all you have to do is sit in your house comfortable and go about your business as if nothing ever happened. Your standby generator is controlled by an automatic switch that turns it on as soon as a power outage occurs. You most likely won’t even notice the power go out as the standby generator turns on.

4) Zero Storage Issues

Backup standby generators are great because they don’t require any storage. A generator installation team will come and connect the standby generator to your home. They typically do so on the side of the home or in the backyard. Once installed, it never has to be moved. Portable generators are just that: portable. This means that you typically have to move them to and from whenever you want to use them. Typical storage spots for portable generators include garages and sheds. That said, these generators are bulky and heavy making them difficult at times to fit anywhere.

5) Far More Utility

One of the biggest differences that separate the two is their utility. Portable generators are designed to power one or two essential items in your home, and not for long. They simply don’t have the power output or fuel storage capabilities to keep your entire home running. That isn’t the case with a good standby generator. Backup home generators will keep your entire home running. From your refrigerator to your A/C to your lights, your home is guaranteed to stay powered for the duration of an outage.

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There’s plenty of companies out there that offer standby generator installation in South Florida, however, they overcharge and underperform. They waste your time and money by having to come out over and over again. That’s never the case with Rack Electric. While we don’t offer the lowest prices on our generator installation services in South Florida, we guarantee we’ll get the job done the right way the first time. This ensures that you save money in the long-term, and you’ll never have to worry about your generator not turning on when a power outage strikes.

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