Why You Need Generator Maintenance Before Hurricane Season

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When you have a generator in South Florida, you want to ensure its in top-notch shape and in good working order before hurricane season hits. Regular check-ups and generator maintenance is key to its reliability and performance to make the most of your investment.

Learn more about generator maintenance and what to do before the power goes out by reading the rest of our post, or reaching out to the South Florida generator experts at Rack Electric!

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5 Benefits of Generator Maintenance

Not sure if you really need generator maintenance in South Florida? Here are some of the benefits you could miss out on, from safety to warranty compliance.

1) Safety

Generators are a lifeline in a storm or power outages, but can pose safety risks when they are not properly maintained. You could experience fuel leaks, electrical malfunctions, and other dangerous situations. The last thing you want during hurricane season is an issue with carbon monoxide or fire hazards. Regular generator maintenance and inspections can reduce the risks.

2) Peace of Mind

A well-maintained generator is more likely to start and run smoothly when the power goes out. Perhaps more importantly, it also helps your generator stay on. When hurricanes cause prolonged power outage, you want the peace of mind that your entire home, from lights to air conditioning and refrigerator, will stay on and keep your family comfortable and safe.

3) Efficiency

Leaving a generator to collect dust can mean you’ll miss the signs that its efficiency is waning. Generators need regular service to operate as efficiently as possible for optimal performance. The results? You’ll likely save fuel and reduce your overall operating costs, making your generator purchase more affordable than ever. It’s crucial in an emergency when fuel could be scarce.

4) Prevent Mold and Mildew

When a hurricane hits and the power goes out, it can just take hours before mold and mildew start to grow. If the power is out for days and your air conditioning isn’t running, the problem can quickly get out of control and put you and your family at risk. Stay proactive about keeping your home safe with regular generator maintenance.

5) Compliance with Warranty Requirements

Depending on the type of generator you have, your warranty may require periodic maintenance as part of the terms and conditions. Failing to properly maintain your generator could cause the warranty to void and leave you vulnerable to paying for repairs or replacements. Call the team at Rack Electric! Our generator experts will talk through your options and look over the terms of your warranty.

Generator Maintenance Tasks

When you work with the team at Rack Electric, we do a thorough check and test of your generator. Here’s what to expect:

  • Check the Fuel System: We’ll ensure your generator’s fuel system is clean and free of leaks or other damage. We can also remotely monitor your fuel to ensure you don’t run out when you need it the most.
  • Inspect and Replace Filters: Just like other equipment and systems in your home, generators also need their filters checked and changed out to keep them running cleanly and more efficiently.
  • Test Battery and Electrical Components: When generators sit idle for too long, battery failure can occur. We’ll check the battery’s charge and replace it if necessary and look over all of your connections for any corrosion or damage.

When to Perform Generator Maintenance

It’s best to run generator maintenance before hurricane season hits. You’ll give yourself more time for generator repairs and replacements if necessary, or just stay on top of simple tricks like refreshing the fuel source. Rest assured that even if you don’t maintain your generator, we’re still here to help. The team at Rack Electric will do everything possible to ensure your generator is up and running before the next storm hits.

Call Rack Electric: Your South Florida Generator Maintenance Experts

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