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South Florida is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful locations in the United States We’re known for having incredibly warm and sunny weather year long, as our winters never seem to rarely drop below 60°F — even in the middle of December. The ocean breeze cool us as we relax on the soft, white sands of our coastal beaches.

Although South Florida proudly upholds its official nickname of “The Sunshine State” for the majority of the year, this isn’t the case come summer and fall. For South Florida, the summer and autumn months are hurricane season. Rather than going outside and enjoying the fantastic weather like every other temperate state, South Floridians are instead preparing for the mighty storms that are slowly inching their way towards them.

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Hurricane Season Preparation — Generator Installation

While many well-prepared South Florida residents will barricade their family inside their homes and stock up on supplies, they tend to forget about one of the most important things during a heavy storm: power. Some rely on portable generators to power appliances and medical devices should the power go out, while others gamble that they won’t lose power at all.

Unfortunately, whether you do or don’t lose power is completely out of your control. Strong winds from hurricanes, tropical storms, and sometimes even regular thunderstorms can knock over and destroy power lines. This can cause houses to immediately lose power and be left in the dark. Depending on the severity of a storm, you and your family may be out of power from anywhere between a few hours to a week. If you’ve planned well enough to have one, you’ll be forced to run a noisy portable generator to power certain appliances for a few hours at a time so you don’t run out of fuel.

Rather than stress out about sweating in the darkness or rationing fuel, have Rack Electric perform a standby generator installation. When the power lines fall and snap, your home loses power within a few minutes. As soon as one of Rack Electric’s high-quality automatic backup generators detect that there’s no power running into the house, it will immediately kick on, providing the entire home with electricity. A standby generator installed by Rack Electric’s state-certified, licensed electricians can keep your house running for up to 3,000 hours. That’s 125 days straight. You’ll be able to continue living life and going about normally as the rest of the neighborhood sits in the dark, waiting for the lights to turn back on.

Standby Generator Installation & Maintenance

As the leading electrical contractor and generator installer in South Florida, Rack Electric is fully staffed and equipped to install a standby generator long before hurricane season arrives. We’ll provide you with a free quote for a residential standby generator installation before sending out our team of state-certified, licensed electricians. We understand that your time is extremely valuable, which is why we ensure that Team Rack will properly install your brand new standby generator in the shortest amount of time possible.

Rack Electric also offers expert electrical contractor services to both residential and commercial clients across South Florida. Whether you need us to help replace old wiring for your home entertainment system or to install the overhead lighting for your office space, Rack Electric is there for you. Receive a free quote on your generator installation or on electrical services by calling 561-391-3550 or using our convenient online form.

Why Use a Standby Generator Instead of a Portable Generator for Your Home?

The difference between portable generators and standby generators (also known as “whole-house generators”) is like the difference between night and day. Sure, portable generators cost less, but their benefits end there. A portable generator usually runs on gasoline (although some use liquid propane, diesel fuel or natural gas) and can burn through as much as 12-20 gallons per day – quickly erasing any cost savings you enjoyed when you bought it.

Portable generators are also noisy, only able to power one appliance or a handful of smaller appliances, and need to be manually brought out of storage and connected to your home’s circuit breaker box whenever there’s an outage.

With automatic standby generators, you can power your entire home rather than just one appliance. Besides, you don’t have to worry or do any extra work whenever there’s a blackout for any reason, because the standby generator comes on automatically and shuts off when power is restored. Because they run on propane or natural gas, home standby generators are a much more efficient source of backup power.

Extreme weather conditions don’t just cause power outages – they also pose a great danger in certain circumstances. If you rely on powered medical equipment, a power outage can be a life-threatening matter. Most people decide to install standby generators to have extra protection and peace of mind.

Why Use Professional Generator Installation?

Electricity is a good servant, but a bad master. Although you can relatively easily connect your portable generator every time a hurricane or tropical storm knocks the power out, installing a home standby generator takes a bit more skill and electrical expertise. Most homeowners choose to have professional generator installation because of safety concerns and their own inexperience with electrical work.

How to Keep Your Generator Running Its Best

Ensure that you check the oil every month and add more if necessary. Inspect the air filter and replace it if the filter is clogged or dirty. You should also keep the area around the generator clean.

Our large South Florida service area includes Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact Rack Electric if you need a professional generator installation or generator repair in your home or business.


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