Is your home in Deerfield Beach ready to power through this coming hurricane season? At Rack Electric, we ensure your home and your family are not left in the dark by providing the most reliable and efficient residential standby generators in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Our local electricians are state certified and have over twenty years of hurricane season preparation for residents of Deerfield Beach, FL.  With its award-winning “Blue Wave” beach and the longest cable ski courses in the United States, the over 120-year city has seen its share of storms.

Hurricane season typically begins throughout the months of June and November. With Rack Electric, your home stays powered and prepared for any tropical storm or hurricane. Choose from one of the many Generac® residential standby generators we have available for installation and ensure your home stays powered throughout each hurricane season.

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Whether you are looking to upgrade from a gasoline-powered portable generator or are making an essential investment in your hurricane preparedness plan, wit Rack Electric, your home’s power is guaranteed to stay on during the strongest hurricanes. Our state-certified electricians handle every step of your Deerfield Beach generator installation process, including assistance with financing.


Does your home use an old-fashioned generator for emergency power? If not, then you know first-hand how uncomfortable it can be being without air conditioning as a Deerfield Beach resident. If you do have a portable generator, then you’re familiar with how they can operate for about eight hours before refueling.

Anyone who has lived in Deerfield Beach for one or more hurricane seasons knows that fuel quite challenging to get after a hurricane strikes. That is why having a gas-powered generator when the electricity is out for days or a week can be more than an inconvenience.

At Rack Electric, our standby residential generators provide an invaluable back-up or replacement for your portable home generator. Our standby generator can steadily power your entire home for extended periods. Reach out to one of our experts today and have your Residential Deerfield Beach Generator promptly installed to keep your home powered and protected this hurricane season.

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  • Complete Turnkey Generator Systems Using Load Management
  • Improve Particular Power Specifications
  • Aid with Affordable Financing
  • Automated Sensors Programmed To Trigger During Power Outages
  • Portable Generator Problems Neutralized
  • Risk Mitigation of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Through Use of the Outside of the Residence
  • Liquid Propane (LP) & Natural Gas (NG) Services Including the Provisioning of the Tank, Lines, and Regulators, Gas Checks, and Obtaining the Installation Permit
  • Peace of Mind for the House

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