All About Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations


All About Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

The electrical vehicle services industry is taking an unexpected turn. Because EV charging stations are essentially selling electricity, almost anyone with commercial property can invest in the industry. Residential electrician companies like Rack Electric expertly and efficiently install electric vehicle charging systems for any business.

Electric cars are becoming more popular as ecological concerns become forefronted. While electric charging services are more environmentally friendly, they take much longer and are less frequently available than gas stations. Electric vehicles charged from a household outlet will take much longer than a 240-volt EV charging station. Rack Electric specializes in the installation of the more efficient 240-volt EV stations. These will help minimize downtime and allow electric vehicle owners to stay mobile while going green.

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Adapters and Equipment

There is equipment available to drivers so they can stay charged while on the road. Some of these include extension cords that can allow access to any EV charging station within 20 feet. Adapters are necessary for connecting to certain outlets. The main two types are the 110-volt outlet which requires a NEMA 5-15 adapter. The larger 240-volt outlets require a NEMA 14-50 to hook up to. The speed at which an EV charges can be increased by wall connectors. The normal 29 miles of range per hour becomes 52 miles with a wall connector.

Residential Charging
Residential EV charging stations are convenient and use a non-premium rate for energy usage. Most homes do not come with an efficient charging station unless designed from the beginning. Luckily Rack Electric can install one in a garage or outside. A 240-volt outlet will generally take 4 hours to fully charge an EV. This is perfect for a homeowner after work who has little time to charge before the next day’s commute. The cost of running a charging station is less than running an air conditioning unit.

Commercial Charging
Many businesses are looking into installing EV charging stations to invest in their commercial property. Installing EV charging stations for a commercial building can potentially add to its overall value. The eco-friendly building industry continues to rise, prompting building owners to include more energy saving options. This can help in getting LEED certified, a crucial certification for any building owner. Having more and more electric vehicle stations out on the road increases the flexibility and range of electric vehicles, and promotes their usage. Businesses can also construct EV charging stations for fleets of vehicles. Electric vehicles can save a company thousands by cutting costs on constant refueling.

If a commercial or residential property owns an electric vehicle and wants to promote mobility, Rack Electric has electricians ready to install the right EV charging station. Call 561-666-8960 now or visit for a free quote. Become part of the new competitive industry of electric vehicle charging.

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