Benefits Of Installing An EV Charging Station


Benefits Of Installing An EV Charging Station

Electric vehicles have served as environmentally conscious alternatives to gas-powered transportation for years and they continue to prove their worth for car owners. With them, EV owners can save money and still travel far distances as they normally would with any other vehicle. EVs also, however, do have disadvantages. One of which being that there are very few public charging stations. But if you do happen to have an EV and need a solution for a nearby charging station, it may interest you to know that you can have one installed in your home. Continue reading below and discover the benefits of having your very own at-home EV charging Station.

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Probably the best benefit of an at-home EV charging station is the convenience it offers to EV owners. You might be lucky in the sense that you have a public EV charging station nearby or the area you reside in has multiple ones. But if you have to travel a little bit of a distance just to charge your EV, it can be an inconvenience. With an at-home EV charging station, you can save yourself the drive and time as you plug in your EV on your own property.


Most EVs come with a plug that you can simply just plug into your home outlet and connect to the vehicle for charging. However, these sorts of plugs (level 1 plugs, typically) will drain quite a bit of your electricity over an extended period of time due to their slowness. And in return, you have to pay more for electricity as your EV will demand it in order for it to function and operate.

EV charging stations are designed to quickly recharge your vehicle so that not only can you drive it again sooner, but that high-cost electricity is no longer a problem.

Speedier Recharge

As mentioned above, using standard plugs included with your EV can take quite a bit of time to recharge your vehicle. This can be very inconvenient for most EV owners when they’re on a time crunch to drive somewhere. Or when they do ride out somewhere and they’re vehicle isn’t fully charged.

Having an at-home EV charging station reduces charging in roughly half the time it would take with a standard plug.

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