Safety Tips for Operating a Generator During a Hurricane

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When you live in South Florida, safeguarding your home or business from a hurricane is a non-negotiable. Beyond storm windows and a robust insurance policy, you also need a back-up generator in South Florida to kick on when the power goes out.

Generators can keep your lights on, preserve medications, keep your food cool, and ensure your AC runs to keep mold and mildew at bay. But despite all of the pros of running a generator, you still need to know how to operate it safely during a hurricane.

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Positioning and Placement

It goes without saying, but your generator should always be placed outdoors in a well-ventilated area. If you have a whole house generator, the team at Rack Electric can safely install it and even bury your fuel tanks while monitoring their levels. If you already have a portable generator that you can move around, make sure to keep it away from windows, doors, and vents to prevent hurricane damage and carbon monoxide (CO) from entering your home.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Your home should already have a good working carbon monoxide detector in areas near your hot water heater. But you also need battery-operated CO detectors in your home during hurricane season, especially near sleeping areas. These detectors will alert you if CO levels become dangerously high.


Just like other major appliances and equipment in your home, you need proper ventilation around your generator. Generators can produce deadly carbon monoxide gas. This odorless and deadly gas is difficult to detect without a carbon monoxide detector and can be fatal. Never operate a generator indoors or in enclosed spaces such as garages, basements, or sheds.

Electrical Safety

Unless you have a whole-home generator that’s sized appropriately for your home, systems, and appliances, you should avoid too much of a strain on your generator. Only running essential appliances and devices can help. It’s also important to only use heavy-duty extension cords designed for outdoor use and connect appliances directly to the generator or through a transfer switch.


Is your generator properly grounded? If you didn’t invest in professional installation, ensure your generator is properly grounded to prevent electrical shocks. When you work with Rack Electric, we’ll ensure your generator is safe, grounded, and follows the manufacturer’s instructions for proper procedures and best practices.


It’s crucial for your generator to be waterproofed and installed properly when hurricane season rolls in. As with any electrical device, never handle your generator in wet conditions or touch it with wet hands. If you need a repair, call the team at Rack Electric right away for help.

Fire Safety

Every home should have a fire extinguisher, especially if you have a generator. Keep a fire extinguisher near your unit and teach everyone in the family how to use it. In the event of a fire, turn off the generator and evacuate the area immediately before calling first responders.


Just like a car or an HVAC system, you also need generator maintenance in South Florida. Regular maintenance keeps your generator safe and checks that it’s running properly, that connections are on snugly, worn parts are replaced, and nothing is leaking.

Shutdown Procedure

You shouldn’t need to turn off a whole-home generator if everything is well-maintained and working properly. However, if you do shut down a portable generator, there are some steps that are crucial to the safety of your home. Turn off all of your appliances powered by the generator before shutting it down. If you have a portable generator, let it cool down before storing it.

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A home generator can be a lifeline during hurricane season, but it does need safety protocols and knowledge to run it safely.

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