Our Mission

Since 1994, Rack Electric has been the number one generator installation and electrician company in Boca Raton. Family owned and operated, we’ve dedicated ourselves to honing our craft and ensuring the best possible customer services on each job. While we may not be the cheapest electricians or generator installers in Boca Raton, we do put pride into every single job we undertake.

What Separates Rack Electric

Other electrical companies advertise that they offer the lowest prices and fastest turnaround time of any electricians in the area. They guarantee quick and easy jobs but they can’t advertise the one thing we can: perfection. They may offer the lowest price at first and get your generator installed quickly or rewire your home’s electrical wiring right away, but you end up left with a poor job. This may end up costing you throughout the years due to repairs. They attempt to undermine their clients and cut corners when possible to maximize their profits. These other companies don’t attempt to build relationships with their clients, but rather view them as dollar signs. In turn, they perform lackluster jobs due to under-experienced electricians and poor techniques. In the end, you’ll have to contact them hundreds of times to perform repairs on something they should have done properly the first time. When it’s all said and done, You’ll end up spending more in the long run than if you originally did the job with Rack Electric.

The Premier Generator Installers In Boca Raton And South Florida

Our mission is to tackle each job with professionalism and diligence. We aim to complete each project the right way the first time. We ensure that when we leave your property, we’ve performed a superb job and you’re completely thrilled with our work. Rack Electric’s electricians have been expertly trained in everything from wire replacement, to generator installation, and everything in between. We have the experience necessary to accomplish any job of any size. We want nothing more than to provide our expert electrical and generator services to not only Boca Raton, but all of South Florida. This has been our mission since John Rack opened Rack Electric’s doors in 1994, and it will continue to be our mission well into the future as we continue leaving our mark across South Florida.