Rack Electric has been servicing South Florida for over 20 years. We are equipped with the best electricians who proudly tackle any project that we undertake. Our mission is to provide affordable and powerful electrical services to the entire South Florida area. We’ve experienced 24 Hurricane Seasons and are prepared to better equip homes for the next one. Whether installing a backup generator in Boynton Beach or a charging station for the newest electric vehicle, we’re ready to get South Florida running as efficiently as possible.

Boynton Beach is home to over 90,000 citizens that fill its high-end houses and beachfront condos. Living in South Florida can be a pain due to the constant power outages caused by the constant barrage of thunderstorms. It’s important for homeowners to have the most reliable and up to date generators on the market to make sure their house never loses power when they need it most. We here at Rack Electric proudly offer Boynton Beach citizens a wide array of services to better equip their electrical needs.

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Residential Electrical Service

A home’s electrical system is what keeps the entire house alive at all times of the day. Wiring tends to get old and fall apart after a period of time. This causes certain appliances throughout the home to shut off. Homeowners may elect to repair it themselves, but it’s better to leave it to the professionals here at Rack Electric. We’ve been servicing the Boynton Beach area for over 20 years, so we have the experience necessary to do everything flawlessly. We’re able to install new electrical systems, repair any current wiring issues, and maintain any pre-existing electrical systems. Rack Electric makes sure that everything is running efficiently so the homeowner never has to worry about something not working correctly.

Residential Standby Generator

As residents of South Florida ourselves, we’ve handled our fair share of power outages. Whether caused by a hurricane barreling through Boynton Beach or just a heavy rainstorm, our homes will lose power. We’ll be forced to sit in the darkness as we wait our power being restored to our daily lives as soon as possible. Sometimes it can anywhere between a few minutes to days, depending on the severity of the issue causing the power outage.  Thanks to our expert residential generator installation services, you’ll never have to sit in darkness again. We’ll dispatch a Rack Electric team to your location to properly install a standby generator. Designed to keep your house running even when the main generator goes down, the standby generator is your defense against sweating indoors as the storm rages on outside. 

Residential EV Charging Station

Charging your electric vehicle can become a constant headache of having to find a charging port somewhere. We here at Rack Electric know how annoying this can become, which is why we’re able to install an EV charging station within your house. No longer will you sit idly by as your car charges up in a parking lot. Instead, relax at home as your vehicle charges up in the garage.

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Providing Professional Turnkey Services throughout Boynton Beach

  • Complete turnkey systems utilizing load management
  • Maximize specific power needs
  • Help you obtain affordable financing
  • Ability to automatically turn on moment power outage is sensed
  • Eliminate the hassle of an old portable generator
  • Utilize the exterior of your home, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide
  • LP Gas & NG Services – provide the tank, lines, regulators, gas check and permitting for your installation
  • Peace of Mind at your home or business

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