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Boynton Beach Generator Services

For over twenty years Rack Electric has been proudly providing the best in residential standby generator services for Boynton Beach. Team Rack is staffed by state-certified, licensed electricians who proudly tackle any home standby generator project, from installation to maintenance to repairs. Our mission is to provide affordable and robust generator installation services to the residents of Boynton Beach.

Rack Electric has experienced more than 24 hurricane seasons and we are experts at better equipping homes for the next hurricane season and those beyond. When it comes to installing a standby residential generator in Boynton Beach, we’re ready to get your home running as efficiently as possible.

Living in South Florida can be a challenge due to power outages caused by the constant barrage of thunderstorms during the summer, especially when it’s time for hurricane season. It’s important for homeowners to have the most reliable and up to date standby residential generators on the market to make sure their house never loses power when they need it most. Rack Electric proudly offers the citizens of Boynton Beach a wide array of services to better equip their electrical needs.

Boynton Beach Generators

Residential Standby Generators
As residents of South Florida ourselves, Rack Electric has handled thousands of power outages. Whether caused by a hurricane barreling through Boynton Beach or just a heavy rainstorm, homes will lose power. When that happens, Boynton Beach homeowners are forced to sit in the darkness as they wait for power to be restored, hoping for daily life to return as soon as possible. Sometimes it can be anywhere between a few minutes to days, depending on the severity of the issue causing the power outage.

Thanks to Rack Electric’s expert residential generator installation services, you’ll never have to sit in darkness again. We’ll dispatch a Rack Electric team to your Boynton Beach home to properly install a home standby generator. Designed to keep your house running even when the main generator goes down, a residential standby generator from Rack Electric is your defense against sweating indoors by candlelight as the storm rages on outside.

Boynton Beach EV Charging

As more and more electric vehicles are on the road, more EV charger stations in Boynton Beach will appear. Your electric vehicle can already charge with a normal electrical outlet, but it can take some time for it to fully recharge. We here at Rack Electric have installed countless electric vehicle charging systems in Boynton Beach to make the process as quick as possible. We are certified to equip homes in Boynton Beach with these systems so your vehicle can hit the road immediately.

Electric vehicles have certainly become more popular in recent years, thanks to the rise in gas prices. While electric charging has proven to be less costly, it has still struggled to be as convenient as gas-fueled vehicles. Over time, electronic vehicle charger installation in Boynton Beach will create a more electric vehicle-friendly roadway. But instead of driving out just to get your car recharged, we recommend a 240-volt EV charging station in Boynton Beach designed for charging electric vehicles quickly and efficiently. This will help minimize downtime and allow electric vehicle owners to stay mobile while going green.

Mobile Connectors and Adapters
There are plenty of different types of equipment that’s available to drivers so they can stay charged while on the road. With a 20-foot extension cord, you can easily charge your EV at just about any Boynton Beach EV charger station. Adapters provide electric vehicles the opportunity to charge anywhere at any time. NEMA 5-15 adapters allow for the usual 110-volt outlet to be used while the NEMA 14-50 permits vehicles to hook up to the larger 240-volt outlets. Normally an electric vehicle will charge 29 miles of range per hour, but this can be increased by wall connectors. A wall connector can offer around 52 miles of range per hour of charging.

Residential Charging
Having a Residential EV charging station is one of the most convenient and cost-efficient methods of charging an EV. Despite the fact that most homes don’t come with a charging station installed, Rack Electric can help install one for you. It often takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery in a 240-volt outlet. With an at-home charging station, homeowners are able to charge their EV while having dinner or sleeping. Then their car can be fully charged for the next day without having to stop in the middle of a commute. With an EV charger installation in Boynton Beach performed in a garage or carport, it will cost less than using a public charging station. Charging stations use less power than an air conditioning unit and aren’t needed as often.

Commercial Charging
With a Boynton Beach EV charger station, commercial property owners are making a good investment. By installing a charging station for a commercial building, you can potentially increase your property’s value tremendously. The eco-friendly building industry continues to rise, which has been prompting building owners to include more energy-saving options.

A Boynton Beach EV charger station installed on your commercial property will help to add more flexibility and range for EV owners and promote their usage. Moreover, it can save a company thousands by cutting costs on constant refueling. Whether it is a home or business in Boynton Beach looking to keep their electrical vehicles running and mobile, Rack Electric has the tools necessary to install an EV charging station. Call 561-666-8960 now for a free quote.

Benefits of Having our EV Charger Installation in Boynton Beach
Electric vehicles have proven their worth for years as environmentally-conscious substitutes to gas-powered transportation. With them, EV owners are able to travel far distances as they normally would with any other vehicle, yet are still able to save money.

One of the EV’s cons, however, is that there are often very few public charging stations nearby. But if you happen to have an EV and are in need of a convenient solution, you’ll be happy to know that our electronic vehicle charger installation in Boynton Beach services can provide you with quite a few benefits.

What is probably the absolute greatest benefit of an EV charger station in Boynton Beach is the convenience it offers to EV owners. Sure, you could be lucky enough to have a public EV charging station nearby. Or the area you reside in has multiple chargers. But when you need to travel a little bit of a distance just to charge your EV, it can somewhat impede on your daily activities. When you have an EV charging station installed, you will be able to save yourself the drive and time as you plug in your EV on your own property. Generally, you don’t have to waste any more of your time as well as just a bit of energy to ensure that your EV is fully-charged and ready to go.

If you’re fortunate enough, your EV may have already come with a plug that you can simply just plug into your home outlet. By doing this, you can connect your vehicle in order to charge it. However, these sorts of plugs (typically level 1 plugs) will drain a lot of your home’s electricity over an extended period of time due to its slowness. And as a result, you will have to pay more for electricity as your EV will demand it in order for it to function properly.

With a Boynton Beach EV charger station, you don’t have to worry about that. EV charging stations are constructed and designed to quickly recharge your vehicle so that not only can you drive it again soon, but that high-cost electricity is no longer a problem.

Speedier Recharge
As stated above, relying on standard plugs that are included with your EV can take quite a bit of time to recharge your vehicle. This can be often very inconvenient for most EV owners, especially when they’re on a time crunch and need to be somewhere soon. Alternatively, they could leave their home to learn that their vehicle isn’t fully charged.

but when you have us install an EV charger in Boynton Beach on your property, it reduces charging requirements to roughly half the time it would take with a standard plug.

Boynton Beach Electrical Services

For over twenty (20) years, Rack Electric’s team of state-certified, licensed electricians have proudly provided a wide range of services to the residents of Boynton Beach. We’ve worked on countless residential and commercial projects throughout the years in Boynton Beach and across South Florida.

From residential standby generator installation to simply working on a company’s lighting system, Rack Electric has always been there. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every single client receives the same standard of quality that our reputation has established. Family-owned and operated, we make the promise that every job is completed in a timely manner and exceeds expectations. If you need a generator installed or need an electrician in Boynton Beach, then you need Rack Electric.

Lighting Fixture Installation
We’ve found that more often than not the right lighting fixtures can make or break a residence or business. Different types of lighting give off certain moods and can affect how people feel when in that room. It’s incredibly important to know which lighting setup best fits your needs. However, our expert electricians are more than happy to help you throughout the process. They’ll walk you through the different types of lighting setups until you decide on the one that’s best for you. We’ll then install the fixtures without damaging the walls or roof. We ensure that our Boynton Beach electricians will have your lighting fixture installed quickly so you can go on about your day.

Wiring Installation and Maintenance
Our state-certified, licensed electricians are experienced with electrical system installation and maintenance. Running wiring and cables throughout your home can be excruciatingly difficult for an inexperienced homeowner, but that’s what Rack Electric is for. You’re not entirely sure what goes where, and the whole task can become overwhelming in a matter of only a few minutes. Don’t worry, we’ll deploy a team of electricians to ensure that your home is set up properly. It doesn’t matter if it’s wiring for your kitchen appliances, home entertainment system, or even running an ethernet cable through the walls, you can count on our team of Boynton Beach electricians to get the job done in a timely manner.

Electrical Panel Replacements and Upgrades
One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment that comes equipped in every home is the electrical control panel. People will neglect to maintain and service their electrical panels in their homes until it’s far too late. People tend to connect more and more devices into their walls until it causes a complete blowout of the home’s electrical system and leaves the entire family sitting in darkness. Don’t stress, because the expert electricians at Rack Electric are more than capable of maintaining or updating your current electrical panel. Rack Electric has made its name as the top Boynton Beach electrical contractor and electrician company thanks to our years of experience and a proven record of success.

Boynton Beach Propane Tank Install

When you have a standby generator installed on your property, you can gain many benefits from its inclusion on your grounds. In the event of a power outage, for instance, your standby generator will turn on and give you the power and energy you need during moments of darkness. But to ensure that your new generator is powered, however, it will need a fuel source present. And when you need to fuel it properly, don’t hesitate at all in hiring the professionals over at Rack Electric about their underground propane tank installation in Boynton Beach. If you wish to learn more about what our services can do for you as well as what’s essentially required for underground propane tank installation in Boynton Beach, then continue reading below.

Rack Electric’s Boynton Beach Underground Tank Installation Services
Our team of industry professionals are deeply passionate about their work and are more than devoted to giving Floridians the power they need when the lights go out. Because Florida is highly susceptible to powerful and strong storms during hurricane season, power outages are more than likely to occur. And during times when power outages occur, if you’re not prepared properly, you’ll be living in complete and total darkness when you try to carry out your daily routines. But when you hire us, we can give you one of our quality generators to make sure that your property is lit when darkness occurs. Additionally, we can also give you our Boynton Beach underground propane tank installation services to make sure that your new generator is able to run whenever an outage occurs.

Rack Electric’s staff is experienced and deeply knowledgeable. But other than that, our team is also deeply versed in the rules and regulations surrounding underground tank installation. You can trust that with their professional assistance, the underground tank installation process will go smoothly and with no issues at all.

Rules & Regulations Surrounding Underground Tank Installation in Boynton Beach
There are numerous laws involving underground propane tank installation in Boynton Beach that are complicated and multifaceted, so much so that there would be too much material to go over on this page. We can give you a simple guideline, however, indicating the required sizes for a ditch that’s proper to fit an underground tank.

There are basically two sizes that most Florida residents go for in terms of underground propane tanks. They include 120 gallon and 250 gallon tanks.

If you are interested in having a 120 gallon tank installed on your property, the requirements that need to be fulfilled including having a ditch that’s 30 inches deep, 30 inches wide, and 6 feet long. If you have a larger property (typically a commercial property) you may instead want a 250 gallon tank, to which you will need space that’s adequate enough to dig a hole that’s 4 feet deep, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long.

By choosing to have a standby generator installed on your property, you should always ensure that you have substantial space on your grounds for an underground tank. If you’re not entirely sure if the space on your property is enough, don’t hesitate to call Rack Electric for our expert opinion. Our employees will be able to indicate if you have the proper amount of space for an underground propane tank installation in Boynton Beach.

Boynton Beach Under Paver Propane Tank Installation
As you’re assessing your grounds in search of probable locations where your new underground propane tank can be installed, make sure to inspect areas where there are pavers. While it may not seem doable, you’ll likely be surprised to find that there numerous businesses that are versatile when it comes to tank installation. Especially Rack Electric where we can give you the greatest under paver propane tank installation in Boynton Beach.

At Rack Electric, we here possess a deep understanding of just how much residents value their properties because of their appeal. Due to this, our Boynton beach under paver propane tank installation services will make sure that when your new tank is buried under pavers, there’ll be no issues at all. And once the tank is installed, remodeling the pavers back into place will be of no issue at all. In fact, it will seem as if no changes were made whatsoever once we’re finished.

Why Choose Rack Electric For Their Boynton Beach Underground Tank Installation
We here at Rack Electric realize how common it is for Florida properties to lose power when a severe storm occurs. With hurricane season being a reoccurring issue, we find that generators are an important necessity for countless property owners. But as a property owner, you shouldn’t just hire any sort of service provider for generator and underground propane tank installation. You should also make sure that you also hire a business that’s experienced, equipped, and knowledgeable about the rules and regulations regarding both generators and underground tank installation. And this is where Rack Electric comes into play.

Don’t end up like other Floridians living in the dark when you can have power supplied to you at your own leisure. So when you call us for our generators, feel free to ask us about our Boynton Beach underground propane tank installation services. Our procedures are efficient and effective when it comes to installing underground propane tanks. So you can best believe that once we’ve finished, your new generator will be ready to perform in the darkest of times while powered by an underground tank.

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