Rack Electric is proud to serve the Palm Beaches. For over twenty years we have provided the citizens of Boca Raton, Wellington, Boynton Beach, Manalapan, West Palm Beach, and more with excellent service and top of the line residential generators from Generac®.

With a vibrant history as America’s First Resort Destination™ the Palm Beaches, with its near 50 miles of Atlantic coastline, is no stranger to storms. Your home is at a heightened risk of losing power due to the powerful winds and heavy rains. The state-certified electricians at Rack Electric can help your family prepare to weather this year’s hurricane season, which lasts from June through November.

Palm Beach is synonymous with luxury. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the splendor of Henry Flagler’s celebrated estate as well as the world-renown shopping along Worth Avenue. Palm Beach is also home to remarkable examples of Gilded Age architecture the epicurean delights of its Food and Wine Festival. Rack Electric is proud to keep the homes of Palm Beach powered during hurricane season and beyond.

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Electrical Services For Residences

For the past twenty years Rack Electric has been providing expert electrical service to the residents of Palm Beach. Our experienced and knowledgeable certified electricians know how to prepare your home for hurricane season.

Is your property an older residence? Rack Electric can perform the maintenance necessary to ensure that your electrical systems are safe. Wiring ages over time and, without the proper upkeep, your home can experience power fluctuations. Appliances can begin to fail, and the risk of electrical fires increases. Let the professionals at Rack Electric safeguard your home’s electrical systems against wear and tear.

Standby Residential Generators

Does your home use an old-fashioned gasoline generator for emergency power? It might be time to upgrade. A variety of modern standby residential generators are available from Rack Electric.

Why make the change? A standby residential generator is able to continuously power your entire residence for an extended duration. Rack Electric can easily prepare your home for hurricane season.

Palm Beach’s Go-To For Residential Standby Generator Installation, Service, and Maintenance

All of South Florida – And yes, even Palm Beach – is always susceptible to a stream of tropical storms and hurricane attacks. These huge storms can knock out a portable generator’s system, causing the house to completely lose power. Portable generators can only run for about eight hours before they’ll need to be refueled. And during a hurricane, more often than not, finding fuel can be a mission in and of itself. Additionally, portable generators can only run two or three appliances at a time. Which appliance can you do without during and after the storm?

For over 20 years, the team at Rack Electric has been servicing the residents of Palm Beach as well as the rest of South Florida. Our expert staff is comprised of the most experienced electricians who proudly tackle any project that we undertake. We aim to provide all customers with affordable and strong residential standby generators to power your property in the darkest of times. We’ve experienced over 24 hurricane seasons so we know a thing or two about being prepared and equipped for the next one to come around. When it comes to installing a residential standby generator in Palm Beach, we’re ready to get your home running as efficiently as possible. Standby generators are a perfect safety measure for the power at your home cuts out. A residential standby generator is able to constantly power the entire house for extended periods of time and the team at Rack Electric is able to quickly and efficiently install one, ensuring that your Palm Beach property is prepared for hurricane season and beyond.

Why Install Our Standby Generators?


Emergency standby generators are by far way more reliable than portable ones. Other than needing an annual maintenance checkup, you can rely on your standby generator to be ready for when a blackout occurs.

Most portable generators require gasoline to be powered and because you’ll need to keep gasoline on standby, you run the risk of having your gas go bad for sitting stagnantly for too long.

But standby generators don’t need gas. And so, you can be at ease as your house will be powered by a reliable source.

Longer Lasting Effects

Most standby generators provide multiple hours worth of power for your property to be powered in the event that a blackout occurs. Other types of generators, especially portable ones, can only last for less than half the time than what a residential one can supply.

Less Effort

Compared to portable generators, residential standby are much more convenient in use. Portable generators require you to lug them out and connect it properly in order for you to receive the power you need when a blackout occurs. With a residential standby generator, however, you practically don’t need to do anything. Your standby generator is controlled by an automatic switch that turns it on as soon as a power outage occurs. You most likely won’t even notice the power go out as the standby generator turns on.


  • Complete turnkey systems employing load management
  • Maximize specific power requirements
  • Support with affordable financing
  • Automatic sensors trigger during a power outage
  • Elimination of portable generator problems
  • Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning lowered by using the exterior of the home
  • Liquid propane (LP) and natural gas (NG) services provision of the tank, lines, and regulators, gas checks, and permit procurement for installation
  • Peace of mind

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