For over twenty years the state-certified professionals of Rack Electric have kept the homes of Delray Beach alight with top-of-the-line standby generators.

The historic town of Delray Beach, founded in 1846, is currently hometown to over 70,000 residents. From the shimmering waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the mouth-watering cuisine of Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach has something for everyone. It’s no wonder why Rand McNally® and USA TODAY® once named Delray Beach as the Most Fun Small Town in America.

It’s been our privilege to be part of this thriving community for the past twenty-four hurricane seasons. Let the experience and expertise of Rack Electric prepare your home this year’s hurricane season with either a new installation of a standby generator or an upgrade from an existing old-fashioned portable generator. Rack Electric is the premier provider of Delray Beach generators.

Rack Electric is proud to offer the citizens of Florida’s Village by the Sea the best selection of Generac® residential standby generators available on the market.

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It’s time to make a change from your old-fashioned gas-powered generator. Choose from a selection of contemporary residential standby generators from Rack Electric. Don’t be in the dark this hurricane season or the next. A standby residential generator is able to provide your home with continuous power for an extended span of time. Rack Electric can easily equip your residence to weather the storm. If you’re looking for Delray Beach generators, look no further than Rack Electric.


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The residents of Delray Beach have come to expect expert electrical service in preparation for hurricane season, as well as for general maintenance of generator systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable certified electricians know how to prepare your home for hurricane season.

Rack Electric can do the maintenance required to assure that your generator systems are safe. Wiring ages over time and, without the correct repairs, your home can undergo power fluctuations. Appliances begin to fail, and the risk of electrical fires increases. Allow the professionals at Rack Electric to safeguard your home’s electrical systems against wear and tear.


  • Comprehensive ready-to-use systems utilizing load management
  • Improve specific power requirements
  • Affordable financing option available
  • Automated sensors trigger during a power outage
  • Portable generator issues negated
  • Decreased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning through use of the exterior of the home
  • Liquid propane (LP) and natural gas (NG) services include tank provisioning as well as provisioning of the lines and regulators, gas checks, and obtaining the permit for installation
  • Peace of mind regarding the home
  • The most reliable Delray Beach generator maintenance in South Florida

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